I’ve been a little busy lately, because….


We are SO thrilled, especially because of my recent loss. Turns out my husband and I are pretty good at this baby-making thing. Now to figure out where we’re going to put all the new diapers we’ll need…

In all seriousness, though, I have been really down about my miscarriage. It didn’t seem fair. We wanted that baby so much. This was a much needed blessing, but it doesn’t take away from the pain of loss. I’ll always mourn my June baby just a little bit, but I am thrilled to be expecting an August one.

I remember before getting pregnant, I thought it was crazy to announce an early pregnancy. And with the boys, I was wary. I waited until we saw clear heartbeats twice to announce at ten weeks. Even at that point, I got awful comments. “You know you could lose one, right? It happened to so-and-so…” And “Oooh, you’re almost out of the woods. Miscarriages are so common first trimester.” Such ugly thoughts from people who do not think before speaking. I spent my whole first trimester terrified of vanishing twin syndrome – or worse, losing both.

With my second pregnancy, I vowed to not be paranoid. What good would it do to worry? I had one healthy pregnancy; everything would be fine. Except of course, it wasn’t fine. What a cruel trick – to not have been worried enough, I thought.

But I have realized that it doesn’t do any good either way. Worry or not, things will happen and you will have no control. So I’ve decided to embrace this pregnancy and shout it from the rooftops. I’m “only” six weeks, but there is a life inside of me and I want everyone to know. I relish all the congratulations and good thoughts. I welcome all the prayers. And goodness knows I will need the support.

9 thoughts on “I’ve been a little busy lately, because….

  1. I am sorry for your loss, but so happy to celebrate the new life with you. I couldn’t keep my pregnancies quiet either, and spent weeks/months worrying that I might miscarry. I actually had friends tell me horrible stories about stillbirths and late miscarriages, when I thought I was finally in the clear. It is really hard not to stress, especially when it seems so much online i s negative. All we can do is take care of our bodies and focus on our little boys that love us unconditionally. I am sure it doesn’t make it feel any easier, but time heals. xoxo

    • So true, and thanks for the kind words. It seems crazy to me that we are supposed to hide pregnancy during the time we are usually feeling the worst! I totally respect when women choose to keep it private, but hate when they feel compelled to.

  2. Congratulations! I love the picture you used for your announcement. I wanted to do something like that but for other reasons I was never able. Here’s to a happy and healthy nine months.

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