12 Signs of Christmas, from a teacher/mama (Daily December #12)

1. You fall behind on everything on your to-do list (including updating your blog) because you’re too busy shopping – real or online.

2. Most of the aforementioned shopping is for yourself and your children, until you remember that it’s nine days to Christmas and you haven’t bought a thing for anyone on your list.

3. You actually get real mail that isn’t junk for a change.

4. Children everywhere have lost their minds. Especially teenagers. It’s awful.

5. Things that you never, ever eat suddenly seem irresistible because it’s Christmas. Bring on the figgy pudding. And the fruitcake. Throw in some mincemeat pie, too.

6. None of your clothes fit and you find yourself wishing you had put “larger pants” on your Christmas list.

7. On that note, having to wear pants is depressing. Isn’t it pajama season?

8. You look at your lesson plans for the week, sigh heavily, and start perusing Netflix for something you can pass off as instructional.

9. Resisting the urge to post your Christmas card all over Facebook before you have mailed it takes so much effort that next year, you’re just going to do it anyway. It’s the digital age, right?

10. You read about someone getting drunk at their office Christmas party, and you miss the days when that was a thing. Or you cringe because it is still a thing, and that someone was you. Either way.

11. Instead of excitedly counting the days until Santa arrives, you are stricken with panic because you ARE Santa. Figuratively, of course. Not literally. Of course you’re not really Santa.

and finally

12. Amid the chaos, there are moments of pure joy that remind you of the Christmas season – unexpected gifts, a child’s wonder at the lights on the tree, time spent with family. The real signs of Christmas.

A Holiday Festivity (Daily December #11)

Every year, we celebrate my mom’s birthday by decorating the Christmas tree. Not much got decorated this year, but fun was still had by all.

Greyson wants to know why he can’t play with the baby in the fireplace.

Sawyer demands that I tell him the name of everything he points to.

All the cousins gather on the couch.

The boys play with their ornaments from Grandma.

“Wrapping” for Toddler Booties! (Daily December #9)

I don’t know about you, but none of my Christmas presents are wrapped. Mostly because they haven’t been purchased. And even once they are wrapped, I guarantee they won’t look blog-worthy. Rather than subject you all to gobs of fancy tape and torn corners, I present you with:
christmas wrapping pic

I’ve tried countless different diapers and combinations over the past nine-ten months since I started cloth diapering. Through trial and error, I was able to discover what the best style of diapers are for each specific situation. Some people like to stay loyal to one type and brand – with a lot of experimenting, I have found out that a combination of all different types and brands works for us. A little of this, a little of that. Without further ado, here is what works for us:

For everyday errands (read: anytime we leave the house) my hands-down favorite diaper is (and always will be) the BumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper with snaps. It was the first diaper I tried on the boys, and it still works great.
bg 4.0nighttime diaper

It’s on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for. The quality is superb. I usually wait for a good sale from Cotton Babies to pick up more. You can also get them at BuyBuyBaby, and the in-store coupons will save you 20%! Unfortunately, while I love the fit and the look of the 4.0, the microfiber inserts that are included are simply not absorbent enough for my heavy wetters. Instead, we stuff them with a single Alva 4-layer insert (available from AlvaBaby, and also on Amazon. You’ll notice the picture has an additional charcoal bamboo insert (CBI) – this is our double-stuff go-to for night-time. It provides an extra component of dryness (in addition to the stay-dry lining of the pocket shell).

For naptime or longer outings, I decided to supplement with some Happy Flute AIO (all-in-one) diapers.
hf AIOnap diaper

These are available in co-ops at a ridiculously low price. I’ve found these to be the highest quality of the “cheapie” diapers. They come in every color and pattern imaginable, as co-ops will create and order custom designs. I love the price and the variety of colors. They have a double-gusset which works well to keep moisture in, and they also have an additional pocket to customize absorbency. Another benefit is that the lining is charcoal bamboo, which again is absorbent but also has a stay-dry quality.

Finally, for around the house (or when we need a trimmer look for a specific outfit) we love Charlie Banana diapers.
cbcb with insert

These have a bra-strap style elastic instead of a multi-rise snap, so it takes a bit of tweaking to get a good fit. They are adorable on – I like the look of them best, and I love the colors they come in. They’re also ridiculously soft. I scored a ton of these when Target was clearancing them. The microfiber inserts don’t hold up well to toddler torrential downpours pee, though, so don’t put these under your favorite outfit.

What are you “wrapping” your little one in this holiday season? Share your favorites with me!