Holiday Memories (Daily December #22)

My favorite holiday memories are always of late night wrapping on Christmas Eve. I fondly remember staying up late with my younger brother, fighting over tape and bows. Last year we only did a few gifts; the boys weren’t sleeping and we were broke new parents. This year, my husband and I embark on the first of many, many years of creating Christmas miracles for our little boys. Here’s the Mr. working his Christmas magic.


Holiday Preparation (Daily December #19)

Family presents are wrapped, bags are mostly packed, and we are almost ready for Christmas. Just have to wrap a gazillion presents for our baby boys tonight. I feel great about this, knowing that we are continuing a long, time-honored tradition of frantically putting together toys and wrapping all of the children’s gifts after they’re tucked in their beds, with visions of sugarplums dancing through their heads. Here’s a look at what we have wrapped so far:






Holiday Sparkle (Daily December #18)

We decided to take the boys to see our local Christmas Card Lane. Going at bedtime was a risky move, but it worked out great! They loved looking at the light displays from their car seats and by the end of the drive, both babes were out cold without a fuss. Next year, though, we are taking a cue from the other viewers and renting a limo. Or a horse-drawn carriage! Riding through the lights in style (although our Odyssey is pretty sweet.)

Here are a couple of the sparkliest houses we captured: